We provide repair service for all major brands of industrial sewing machines and cutting equipment. We maintain a large supply of parts at our shop to ensure that your valuable equipment is fixed as soon as possible. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to get your machine back into production and running like new. Call us with the make and model of your machine and a description of your problem and let our service department help you today.
Machine repairs are done on a first come, first serve basis and are accepted during regular business hours. We recommend bringing the sewing machine head as well as test materials and thread so we can get your machine working to your specifications.



In addition to selling and servicing the best industrial sewing and cutting equipment, we are able to provide our customers with many products and services including:


  • Parts for industrial sewing and cutting equipment

  • Presser Feet

  • Gravity feed irons

  • Sewing and cutting machine oil

  • Custom sewing machine attachments, binders, and folders made specifically for your product

  • Stock binders and folders for simple sewing applications

  • Sewing machine motors (Clutch, Servo, needle positioning, and more)

  • Lights, bobbin winders, and thread stands



  • Industrial cutting tables

  • Fabric spreaders

  • Hot and cold knife programmable strip cutting machines

  • HSGM hot knives for hand cutting webbing



  • Embroidery thread, backing, and supplies

  • Sewing thread

  • Needles for any application

  • Scissors

  • Tailors Chalk

  • Bobbins and bobbin cases

  • Ergonomic Chairs

  • Pattern Paper


Advanced Sewing Services

  • Pattern programming for automated sewing machines

  • Sewing machine electronics repair services




Sewing Machine Parts Reference Materials

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